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Guidelines for Posting

Please use the form we've provided below when posting a journal layout (thanks to carriep63 for the form!). It's not an absolute requirement, but it does make things easier for everyone. If you don't want to use the form, that's okay too. If you're just posting things like headers or FO banners, obviously you can skip the whole "Regarding Layouts" section below.
  1. Allowed: Headers, Friends Only banners, full journal layouts, profile banners, profile layouts.
  2. Not allowed: Colourbars, posts with 900 icons and one header or FO banner way at the bottom.
  3. No icons posts. There are already approximately 3,158 communities devoted to DW and/or scifi icons, we don't need them here.
  4. LJ-cut long posts.
  5. LJ-cut any images larger than 250px
  6. LJ-cut any images that might contain spoilers (the most recent season of Doctor Who falls under this rule)
  7. No linking to f-locked entries.
  8. No forcing people to join your community or friend your journal to see your codes or graphics.
  9. No disabling comments on your entries.
  10. Specify in the Subject Line what type of layout or graphic you're posting (examples: "S2 Smooth Sailing: Your Layout Name Here", "Headers and Profile Codes: Your Description Here")
  11. Tag your posts appropriately. Each graphics post should have a least two tags (example: Type:Headers, Companion:Ace), and each layout post should have at least three (example: Type:Full Layouts, Style System:S2:Expressive, Companion:Ace) If you feel we don't have the tag(s) you need, please page the mods to request new ones.

Regarding Layouts:

Thumbnails aren't required, but some type of preview is. Screenshots are good, live previews are even better.

Testing is your friend, and can save you from a lot of headaches later. Does it work with the Navigation bar? Does it work with the ads on Plus accounts? Which resolutions is it best viewed in?

FORM (Remember Do Not Use Rich Text!)


If you don't normally use the Rich Text Editor when posting from the Post an Entry (livejournal.com/update.bml) page, this link should automatically set the journal you're posting to as who_layouts and pre-fill the form text for you. For posting layouts only.
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